Ghosala Activities

Cattle raising and dairying is practiced in the country by various interests. There are single farmers owning couple of bullocks and two or three milch animals with their calves. Rural milk producers normally have a total of about 20 or more milch animals, and goshalas and other organized milk producers; and large dairy farms. Number of Temples, religious and similar philanthropic institutions also maintains Goshalas for the sheer protection of cows also maintains a Goshala. The Goshala was inside the Temple premises till early 2013, when the total no of cattle was less than 15. With permission of Srimad Azhagiyasingar, it was decided to shift the goshala outside the Temple mainly to improve the Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Devasthanam cleanliness inside. (Subsequently we found we were able to accept donation of cows eagerly offered by the devotees. We were able to install dedicated workers and staff and attend to the cattle better.) We identified 1.5 acre land owned by our temple on the highway leading to Thirupathi, within three km from the temple. The land was unoccupied except for a Mantapam named after one Thanappa Naickan. Sri Veeraraghavan visits this Mantapam on few days in the year.

Before Renovation

Thick growth of wild plantation was removed and the work started on the Goshala at this place on an auspicious day and time. We had been provided with full design and requirement for a modern Goshala. Care had been taken Proper housing feeding, selection and disease control, good health, comfort and protection from inclement weather. The approved design of the shed provided for exclusive areas for Paddock or Yard to accommodate cattle. The elevated and well-drained space within a shed was set aside for each animal to stand or lie down. Adequate and good water supply was ensured. Exclusive areas are provided for milch animals, dry animal, calving, sick animals, young stock, calves and bulls. Separate areas for identified for milk collection, food store, office room, medical centre, etc.

After Renovation

Now our Goshala has around 160 cattle. The Goshala has been aptly aided by dedicated workmen. A fulltime veterinary doctor is in named Ayarpadi. A trained supervisor takes care of the shala, attendance. The Madras Veterinary College and Hospital conducts medical camp two to three times a year. Professors and doctors with a team of medical students attend the camp.
Srimad Azhagiyasingar the hereditary trustee of the temple has taken special interest in the project and visits the site whenever he is at Thiruvallur. Such acclamations have been received from different quarters, devotees and general public. This response has helped the dedicated management team to reaffirm their commitment of service to Sri Veeraraghavan.